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...Environment & our philosophy...

Our philosophy is to offer a no-frills service that allows us to respect nature and integrate the campsite into the environment that surrounds us.

We try to keep our environmental impact as low as possible, using the following strategies:

- Trees, plants and lawns: Since 1996 when the current owner bought the place, hundreds of trees and hedges have been planted. Add the lawns in various areas, and a semi-desert has been transformed into a green oasis.
- Electric vehicles: The campsite owns a substantial fleet of electric vehicles used for maintenance work and also guests’ use. In seasons B-C-D guests’ cars stay in the car park. Electric carts are used for luggage transport at arrival and departure. This service is available also during your stay for your weekly shopping or other heavy loads. We believe that being able to enjoy pure air and silence at least during your holidays is worth it.
- Waste separation: We see correct waste separation and recycling as a service we do to our community and thus to ourselves. Please help us by separating your waste into the bins and ask us if you are unsure how!
- Solar panels: Our central washrooms are fitted with solar panels for hot water.
- Water management: We reuse treated wastewater for irrigation and toilet flushing in our washrooms. All our taps are fitted with air mixers to reduce the flow of water. Thanks to these measures we have greatly reduced our fresh water consumption.
- Electricity: We use only energy-efficient light bulbs, neon or led lights.
- Air condition: All our mobile homes have air conditioning – unfortunately offering certain services is in conflict with our philosophy of sustainability. Please use the air conditioning wisely!
- Product purchase: We select the products we buy carefully, buying products of the eco-friendly label ECOLABEL wherever possible. The few but necessary insecticides we use at the campsite are also chosen with an eye to creating the least possible damage to people and the soil.
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Camping Tavolara - SS 125 Km 300+300
Località Porto Taverna 07020 Loiri Porto San Paolo (SS)
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