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You need just to register on the website:'ordinanza%20del,l'apposito%20modulo%20on%20line.
  • This page highlights what’s different this year.
  • The other pages of our website are just for reference and contain information which was accurate until the summer 2019.
  • The information on this page will be supplemented by a notice board at reception. Please don’t hesitate to ask at reception if anything is unclear.
Nothing is supposed to change on the beaches in the municipality of Loiri Porto San Paolo.
There will be signboards illustrating the rules of correct behaviour on the beach, which is fundamentally keeping a safe distance.
Local police and other security forces will patrol to make sure people adhere to these rules.

Dearest guests,
this year a summer awaits us that will be different from all the summers we’ve seen so far.

Sun, sea and relax will still be at the heart of our holiday, but we will have to change some of our habits.  

Those who have decided on a camping holiday will have ample outdoor space where it is easier to keep the required safety distance, especially this year with much smaller numbers of holidaymakers expected in Sardinia.

Our intention is to offer a relaxing holiday which will help us get over the difficulties of this past winter.

In order to guarantee maximum safety, we are forced to change some of the services we offer and which would normally involve shared usage of space or objects. We feel sure that we will be able to do this with some organisation from our side and some common sense from your side.
Before turning to the novelties in each sector, two general remarks:
  1. This page will be continually updated.
  2. The information on this page is valid as long as the national anti-Covid measures are not modified.  
Due to major uncertainty, we have lowered the deadline for cancellations within which 70% of the deposit will be returned from 60 to 30 days before arrival.
START OF SEASON                          13/06/2020 for mobile homes
                                                            20/06/2020 for equipped caravans and pitches
END OF SEASON              To be defined according to the situation re Covid-19, presumably 31/10/2020
Like in all public places, face masks are obligatory in closed spaces on the campsite (e.g. sanitary facilities, restaurant).

In open spaces a mask must only be worn where the minimum distance of 1 m to other people can not be maintained. People living in a common household excluded.

For stays of up to 10 nights we are granting a general discount of 5%;
for stays of 11 nights and more we are granting a general discount of 10%.

N.B. We are granting this discount (see price list for current prices) because of reductions in our service that are OBLIGATORY in order to maximize the safety of our guests and staff. Our costs are actually higher this year due to sanitation etc.  

Our aim is to keep contact between guests and staff to a minimum.

To that end, we would like to ask you if possible to send us your details a few days before your arrival, in whichever form. We need:
  • First name, last name, home address, date and place of birth for everyone arriving
  • Just for one adult (the person in charge) also type, number and date of issue of an ID card
  • License number of your car
On arrival only the person in charge of the family or group will come to reception in order to avoid crowds; if possible bring your own pen.

Check-in and check-out will be done at the window. Guests normally will not enter the reception building.
In addition to the standard cleaning procedure every accommodation needs to be disinfected before each new arrival.

The protocol stipulates that disinfectant shall be nebulised in the whole accommodation as well as on the veranda.

For easier disinfection of kitchen furniture and dishes we would like to ask you the big favour of leaving all kitchen objects (pots, plates, etc.) except for cutlery on the table and/or worktop on departure.

Equally important, if you hire any linen, please kindly leave the bedlinen inside a pillow slip and the towels in a plastic bag.

We don’t know yet how long the new cleaning and sanitation procedures are going to take, so if this year – against our long-standing tradition, as you’ll know if you’ve stayed with us before – there will be some delay when moving into the accommodation, it will be due only to the safety measures. Thank you for your comprehension.

Air condition: Before each new arrival the disinfectant will be nebulised also on the grid of the air conditioning system on the roof.

For greater safety, we have decided to allocate a private toilet to each family or group of guests. This regards guests in our caravans and on the pitches, who will face additional costs, which, however, will be compensated for by the general discount.


This year we put safety above our earnings.

As with the accommodations, the sanitary facilities will be disinfected at every cleaning by nebulising a disinfectant.

Obviously, hand disinfection gel will be available.

Also in the sanitary facilities the containment measures we know only too well need to be respected: use disinfection gel, wear masks, safety distance of 1 m, cough and sneeze into a handkerchief or your elbow, etc…

Barefoot no access, not even to the showers.

Each pitch will have access to a private toilet, for long-term as well as short stays.

This means that only as many pitches can be occupied as we have private toilets available.

As the toilet will be used exclusively by the occupants of one pitch or caravan, we will clean and disinfect it before your arrival, but during your stay we will not clean it. However, once a day it will be disinfected by nebulisation.

We are compelled to charge the costs for the private toilet at 5 euros per day according to our price list (an amount that will be compensated for by the general discount).

We still have not received any communication of requirements to be met. In case we do not receive any communication of standards to be followed, we will keep open the external showers (also with warm water) and take out the doors to improve air circulation.

Every other washbasin will be accessible in order to guarantee the safety distance.
We would like to ask all long-term guests and all those with a washbasin on their pitch to use your own washbasin as much as possible to keep movement in the sanitary facilities down as much as possible.

We are not allowed to provide toilet paper in the sanitary facilities as we used to do.


As an exception, as we run a campsite and not an RV site, this year we will offer the option RV site, as long as restrictions because of Covid-19 are in place.
Those who want to avail themselves of this rate will have access to showers and washbasins, but not to toilets.  

The pitch will be assigned by reception.

We will offer this option until September 10, that is until the end of season B according to our price list. We reserve the right to decide later on whether to continue offering this option from September 11 onwards.

The rates include: pitch, 2 adults, electricity hook-up, use of hot showers + washbasins (The use of toilets is excluded.)

The general discount of 5% or 10% as described under the heading Prices does not apply to this rate.
Season B from 20/6 to 4/7 and from 1/9 to 10/9              20 euros;
Season C from 5/7 to 31/7 and from 23/8 to 31/8            25 euros;
Season D from 1/8 to 22/8                                               30 euros.

Each additional person age 3 and above: 5 euros per day extra.
Obviously our electric carts can not be used by guests as usual.
After more than 20 years as a car-free campsite, this year you will be allowed in in your own car, at least at arrival and departure.

During your stay cars are allowed in only to transport heavy loads, e.g. a big load of shopping.
Cars are still parked in the parking lot. You may take the car in to the pitch or accommodation only to load and unload it.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in keeping traffic on the campsite as low as possible. If you have stayed with us before we are sure that you will appreciate the car-free atmosphere which distinguishes our campsite.

No access as usual for motorbikes and scooters.
There will be no animation on the beach.

Children from 6 years of age may participate in the activities proposed. For younger children we can not guarantee that safety distances are kept. Children under 6 years of age may take part in the activities in the presence of a parent.

We kindly ask all parents to make sure that their children understand the importance of keeping a safe distance to other people before letting them take part in Mini-Club activities.
The entertainment programme for adults will consist only of music and dance evenings (with the required safety measures).
This service will not be able to run as usual either.

Like in public transport, we need to limit the number of people on board.   

The shuttle can take more than 1 person at a time only if they are members of the same family unit.

People with walking impairments have precedence.

Guests are required to cover the seats with their own towels.

After each ride the vehicle will be disinfected by the driver.

We expect the beach shuttle service to start probably around July 1.

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